Rooms of the Gold Rush Cabin

As one of the ranch's original cabins, these rooms were used by the "dudes" of this historic guest ranch. The Gold Rush Cabin is found at the edge of a wooded corridor under the partial shade of an oak forest. The cabin and its two rooms are fittingly named after the rich gold mining history of this area.

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Room 1-Mother Lode

The most private room on the ranch, The Mother Lode Room, is nestled among the trees with glimpses of hidden pastures, ponds, trails, and neighboring grape vines.

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Room 2-Sutter's Mill

With the added daybed, the Sutter's Mill Room can accommodate an additional traveler. Imagine life at the ranch for the pioneers and gold miners of the past while staying in this ranch original.

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Rooms of the Buckaroo Cabin

Another original cabin of the dude ranch named after the ancestor of the modern cowboy. The ambiance of this cabin is reminiscent of a lifelong past. Enjoy the golden landscape of the West from the comfort of your porch. Stay in either of the cabin's two rooms and experience life as a Buckaroo. Don't worry, work is optional for paying guests.

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Room 3-Chaps & Lassos

The Chaps & Lassos Room evokes images of a time when cattle and cowboys were raised on the open range. An additional daybed is provided for your herd.

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Room 4-Stallions & Steers

The Stallions & Steers Room is situated on the corner of a knoll top with great panoramic views of the ranch.

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Rooms of the Wild West Cabin

The Wild West Cabin is closer to nature and to the ranch. Sit in your porch rocker or Adirondack sipping your morning coffee catching glimpses of deer, wild turkeys and red fox across the hills. The cabin rooms are connected by double-locking doors making them perfect for parties traveling together.

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Room 5-Calamity Jane

Your sun-filled room has wonderful sunset views. The Calamity Jane Room summons images of the Old West with lucky horseshoes, cowboy hats, stirrups and fearless cowgirls!

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Room 6-Pancho Villa

Grab your sombrero and cantine as you stroll into the Pancho Villa Room. Enjoy the adventure of the wild west with the modern comforts of your room

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