Seven-Up Guest Ranch - Fair Play, California, United States

Dedicated to John P Rossetti

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I can't remember when I didn't know of my father's dream to own land. He had carried this dream from his father, who picked it up from my great grandfather that came to American from Italy. Like his parents and himself, he passed this dream on to his children.

My father never rushed to get to an end point but instead focused on enjoying the process which he know was an end in itself. Before attaining his dream, my father had just about every adventure one can think of and attained just about every measure of success imaginable.

When my father first laid eyes on the property he knew he had found the piece of land the family had been looking for.  While we were only looking for good family dirt we discovered this "gold nugget" in the rough. My dad decided to approach this opportunity like most everything else in his life, shooting from the hip and winging it.  He saw the endless possibilities of this property as a family retreat and farm stay.

I'm very grateful my father had the wisdom to enjoy the "process" of his life while working toward his dream because immediately after he purchased this proerty my father was diagnosed with panceatic cancer and died shortly afterwards at the age of 67. 

My father was a pioneer and as wild as the west, someone who would focus on the gold in life and let the rest pan out, a man that held himself to the highest of standards his whole life.  This ranch is dedicated to him and all those of our ancestors with similar dreams that gave us this opportunity.


Seven-Up Guest Ranch
8060 Fairplay Road
Fair Play, California, United States
Call: (530) 620-5450 / 1-800-717-5450


Experience Seven-Up Guest Ranch

The Rossetti Family invites you to the Seven-Up Guest Ranch, a private and historic Farm Stay. Our cabins are nestled in the rustic and charming foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We are in the heart of the Fair Play wine region and centrally located to the other great wine regions of the area including the Shenandoah Valley, Fiddletown, and the wineries of Pleasant Valley. Experience the wines of the area, the allure of the mountains, and the retreat of the ranch.