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Ranch Policies

General info and cancellations

Check-In Time: 3pm-7pm
Check-Out Time: 11am

Normal Innkeeper Hours of Operation

You can expect to find us in the main cabin or surrounding area during our check-in times of 3-7pm and, for check-out, we'll be around from approximately 7am until check-out at 11am. We like to stay busy and enjoy the ranch and surrounding area as well. At times our schedule may vary from this and we'll try to let you know of any changes in our availability.  Outside of these hours we can be contacted by phone at (530) 503-0500.  

If possible, we are happy to accommodate check-in needs outside of our normal innkeeping hours when given prior notice. Any check-in times outside of our normal hours must be confirmed with the ranch prior to your arrival. Self check-in is required if arriving after 10pm and must be arranged with us prior to your stay.

Room Turndown Service

For our guests staying multiple nights, we generally do not provide daily room cleaning services after our initial thorough cleaning prior to your arrival.  The room comes stocked with supplies including a full-set of towels, two cups of single serve coffee, bathroom products, water bottles, etc.  Extra supplies are always available at the main cabin free of charge-just walk up there and ask or help yourself if the items are available in the common dining room.  If you need anything outside of this, please don't hesitate to speak with the innkeeper.


Breakfast is optional as an add-on to your nightly room rate. Breakfast is served in the dining room of the main cabin between 8-930am. Pre-breakfast coffee & sweet service is available starting at 7:30 am.

Food Allergies

Seven-Up Guest Ranch will happily prepare some options for your specialty diet but advanced notice is required. Please let us know of your dietary restrictions during the booking process. We're always happy to try our best to provide everyone with options they can enjoy. Our small family kitchen is used to prepare all foods including those that you may have an allergy to. If your allergy is severe, to avoid the risk of cross-contamination, you should bring your own food or request that we purchase a pre-packaged option in preparation of your stay.


We offer a 5% cash discount if you choose to pay with cash. A credit card is needed to reserve your room only. Your card is not charged unless there is a violation of our cancellation policy. If you would like to change your payment option you can do this at check-out. Additional charges may apply for certain room "add-ons", such as breakfast, pets or additional guests that weren't noted in the reservation but were added on during the course of the stay.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations made within one week of check-in, $25 will be charged to the credit card on file. 50% of the room cost is charged for cancellations made within 48 hours of check-in. If a reservation is not cancelled and the guest is a "no show", the credit card on file will be charged the full room rate. Please note that rooms reserved within one week cannot be cancelled without incurring the $25 cancellation charge. We encourage guests to cancel within the time limit to avoid these charges as we would rather not enforce this policy.

Use of the Property

Your rental includes your room and access to the ranch. The main cabin is open during normal innkeeping hours for check-in and to serve breakfast. The dining room can be made available for the entertainment of guests outside of its normal usage and times with prior permission. If you would like to use the main cabin, patio, dining room, etc. please let us know and we will work with you as best we can to accommodate your needs.

Our Rustic & Wild Setting

We try to provide our guests with a rustic, get-a-way experience. The ranch blends a secluded cabin, camping-like experience with the hospitality of a Bed and Breakfast in the heart of a great wine tasting region. To keep our atmosphere consistent with the goals for the property, there are no televisons, nor WiFi or telephones in the rooms. There is a television and telephone in the dining room of the main cabin, which can be made available for guests by request. The ranch typically has cellular and data service for those guests with their own devices and plans, although this cannot be guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a rustic, yet clean and charming setting surrounded by wildlife. Please be advised of the natural dangers of both our wildlife and our farming & construction activities here on the ranch. We try to mantain a safe environment for our guests and our family but ranches can be dangerous. If you do not feel safe within this environment the ranch might not be the place for you.

We want to open up the property for our guests to enjoy and explore and to do this we require our guests to understand that Seven-Up Guest Ranch is not liable for any harm incurred on the ranch. By agreeing to these policies, our guests waive the right to hold Seven-Up Guest Ranch liable to any and all harm.

If you see a rattlesnake, do not attempt to kill or trap it. Just leave it alone. The ranch is located on mountainous & hilly terrain, please be advised that this can present tripping or falling hazards. Proper shoes and attire are recommended. We are continuously working on the property and often have farming & construction equipment/supplies around the property. Please do not touch, climb, or play with this equipment. It can be dangerous. Both our rangeland and livestock are restricted to only those guests with written permission to access either of these. In addition, there has been a mountain lion spotted on the property a few times. Mountain lions generally eat deer, of which there is a lot of here at the ranch (hence the mountain lion) and usually do not pose a threat to humans.

Dogs at Seven-Up Guest Ranch

Dogs are allowed, and encouraged, at the ranch but only with advanced notice. All dogs on the ranch need to be reported to us. If you have another pet, other than a dog, let us know and we'll try to accommodate you. Bringing a dog is an "add-on" to the cost of your room. There is a $15 charge to bring up to two dogs per night. You are responsible for your dog and any damage, disruption, or harm that may result from your dog or other pet. This includes potential harm to your dog from hazards on the ranch such as rattlesnakes. You are responsible for the noise and disruption your dog causes to the owners or other guests. If your dog causes the disruption of another guest's stay, which results in a complaint by such guest, you could be responsible for monetary compensation made to the disrupted guest. Your dog must be on a leash or in a kennel at all times unless he or she is in the confines of your room under supervision or consent is given by Seven-Up Guest Ranch. Even with consent to let your dog run free at the ranch the above responsibilities are still those of the dog owner. All guests of the ranch should be aware that we do allow dogs and these dogs are allowed access to the rooms. Each room is always thoroughly cleaned. We ourselves have a dog. Guests can expect our pets and potentially other guest’s pets to be on the ranch.

Privacy Policy

Seven-Up Guest Ranch greatly appreciates and respects not only your privacy but the general notion of privacy.  We do not share your information with others.  Any person on premise by way of reservation and The Rossetti Family Group LLC are herein entered into a confidentiality agreement protecting any information about the ranch from any party who could cause harm to the ranch or its owners.  If we do use your email for "marketing" the ranch and you are not interested in receiving these emails, we will take you off our email list immediately.

We hope the ranch can provide you with the experience you're looking for during your stay in Fair Play. We are actively trying to improve the property and guest experience. We look forward to your stay at the Seven-Up Guest Ranch!


Cancel a Reservation

To cancel or modify an existing reservation, please call us at (530) 503-0500 or email us at

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